FAIRON - clothing and safety shoes

Clothing and safety shoes

TIMKEN - maintenance tools

High-quality Timken maintenance products help to decrease downtime and operating costs.

KRAFTWERK - Hand Tools

ABS tool case with aluminium frame and edge protections. The bottom tray is made of indestructible hard plastic material.


Take the power of performance into your own hands with M18™ REDLITHIUM-ION™ HIGH-DEMAND™ 9.0Ah battery packs.

KRAFTWERK - Work Fashion

Rechargeable heat jacket with battery M-XXLL.
For work and leisure: warm, comfortable and weatherproof.

FAIRON - TIMKEN : Induction heathers

Timken Induction heaters and others :

  • Induction heaters
  • Internal or external bearings extractors (manual and/or hydraulic)
  • Bearings installation tools (maintenance tools)
FAIRON - Service tools OPTIBELT

Optibelt maintenance tools:

  • Tension tester: The new Optibelt TT frequency tension tester is used to check the tension of drive belts by measuring their frequency of vibration.
  • Laser pointer: The Optibelt Laser Pointer II makes it easier to align belt drives.
  • Tension stickers: The proven Optibelt Tension Notes stickers document the default values for the proper tension methods…
  • Measuring gauge
  • V-belts and pulley groove template: Valuable help for the measurement of V-belt and pulley groove sections
  • Etc