ASKUBAL rod ends and spherical plain bearings (known as ASKUROL with rolling-contact bearings) occur, depending on the case, in many different versions, size ranges and material couplings according to DIN ISO 12240-4 (formerly DIN 648) or as custom solutions.

ASKUBAL - Rod Ends

As a manufacturer in the field of spherical plain and rolling-contact bearing technology, we can offer you individual solutions from our German production range, as well as our component series. Find out more about our family owned company with tradition.

ASKUBAL - Rod Ends - Racing

ASKUBAL motor sport products are designed to cope with extreme temperatures, alternating strains and impacts while assuring reliability and safety.
Rod ends (also known as unibal or uniball) and spherical bearings, e.g. to DIN ISO 12240-1, are deployed in the automotive sector. Examples are in hood systems of convertibles and in shock-absorbing legs of motorcycles. In gear systems, too, our products form reliable drive components.

ASKUBAL - Rod Ends

Our entire product portfolio can be found in general mechanical engineering. Examples are packaging machinery, sorting machines and fillers, pneumatic and precision engineering.

ASKUBAL - Spherical Bearings

Spherical Bearings

Angle Joint DIN71802

Ball joints are mechanical units for the connection of 2 parts which are perpendicular with respect to each oher. They enable the transmission of alternating forces through angular and oscillating movements, at a moderate speed. They are standard products which are produced according to the following standards DIN 71802.