Disc springs can be designed to meet the specific requirements of a variety of applications. These requirements can typically be met with springs from Mubea’s standard product line. Our standard product line includes disc springs designed per the requirements of DIN 2093, our own internal factory standards, as well as other special sizes. Disc springs from our standard product line are typically available from stock for immediate delivery.

PECOL - Fasteners

PECOL is part of a Portuguese industrial group (PCL-Investimentos) that was founded in the city of Águeda (Portugal) in 1983. Currently Pecol holds a relevant position in Europe, providing a global range of products and services in the areas of fixing and assembly systems, for all kinds of industry


Inner Tension Bushes are slotted hollow cylinders with a variety of slot forms. They are manufactured from hardened and tempered spring steel strip giving elasticity and extended wear resistance. They are defined by slot type, diameters and length to our factory standard PN3000 (DIN 1498 refers).